Design and production of "Swiss Made" watches

SYC MONTRES SA is your ideal partner for the design and production of watches, jewelry and watch displays. Our mission is to conceive and meet your price and quality targets in “record time” compared to our best competitors. We are fast in designing, quick in prototyping and delivering even complicated products: our record for the complicated products is 120 days from brief to delivery.

SYC MONTRES SA is a dynamic Swiss company offering design, technical development, and supplying complete watches or watch components and accessories. The technical office is in Mendrisio (CH), the operating warehouse in Stabio (CH).

Our customers are the Swiss watch brands, with whom we collaborate for the technical development according to their objectives.

We have all the skills and technical tools necessary to develop the design of every kind of watch: from the simplest to the most complicated, and we can provide a complete service from designing to manufacturing always respecting your goals, thanks to our high-level Swiss and Asian partners, who are also among the best in the watch industry.

We can develop and supply all kind of watch accessories, such as: exhibitors, watch cases, straps, providing a complete sales concept to clients.

We have more than twenty years of experience in the development and manufacturing of complete watches and watch components made in: titanium, steel, ceramics, carbon fiber.

In collaboration with our technical partners, we are constantly developing new technical solutions and new materials.

Latest news

SYC MONTRES SA, article on page 45 of the magazine: “SWISS KNOW HOW”

Thanks to the “SWISS KNOW HOW” magazine for the nice article about our company. Download PDF

Case and bracelets produced with an environmentally friendly organic molecule (PHB) certified 4 stars TUV OK BIOBASED

We are introducing a new plastic material (PHB) usable for watch straps and watch cases certified 4 stars ‘TUV OK BIOBASED’. It is a completely biological plastic molecule produced by the fermentation of bacteria; there is no trace of petroleum in this molecule, and it decomposes naturally; the material is machined by injection like all plastic watch cases and bracelets. We have developed and tested an exclusive formula that allows the production of watch straps and cases, as shown in the attached photo. The production takes place in a factory of our ANKIA group in China, but the molecule is ...

Stainless Steel dye-casting watch case

Thanks to a very sophisticated manufacturing process it is possible to create aesthetic effects on steel watch cases like those visible in the photo/video. The watch case is entirely made of steel, and the decoration is made ‘by melting the steel by “dye-casting”, like the goldsmiths’ techniques of the jewelry industry. After the smelting into a metal crucible, in a second step the watch cases are hand polished by our workers specialized in this process. The minimum order quantity is not high, because it is not necessary to use specific tooling for the production.
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