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Step 6

Component analysis and quotation

At the end of the technical engineering process and at customer’s request, SYC MONTRES SA can provide a quotation of the complete watch assembled with components capable of reaching 60% of the Swiss value.

The full Swiss watch value of 60% is a mandatory requirement of the Swiss manufacturing law.

Step 7

Technical sample

SYC MONTRES may provide – within 30/45 days from the date of receiving the customer approval – a sample of the component or a complete sample watch made with production tooling; sometimes even faster (15-30days) under some circumstances, thanks to the sophisticated CNC machines available on the premises of our Swiss or Asian partners.

Step 8

Production and quality control

The assembling, quality control and the other phases and operations indicated by the Swiss law will take place in Stabio (CH) in the RONDA TIME CENTER premises, our production partner for all quality control operations and assembly of watches, both quartz and mechanical.

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