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Step 1

2D design

Although it is not mandatory to accomplish this phase in Switzerland, SYC MONTRES SA can also offer the 2D design service; in case the customer was already able to provide us the 2D drawings, this part can be avoided and go to the next step.

A product brief or image of the desired watch will start the style developing, letting us submitting a design proposal to our clients.

The output of this phase consists in the 2D development of the project; some 2D watch drawings with different dials versions, so that the customer can choose and decide the details of the product.

The customer’s decisions will involve shape and color like: dials, hands, band/strap color, general watch size, etc.

This step can be skipped if the customer can provide us a file in an interchangeable file format, typically .dxf or similar.

Step 2

3D Design

This step consists in the development of the 3D design, that is the design of the three-dimensional solid element corresponding to the 2D project developed in STEP1, or that we received from the customer. This file will contain all the information needed to generate the technical prototype and necessary for the production tooling set up (in case SYC MONTRES SA was also chosen as a supplier), saving a lot of time and errors. The 3D technical project must to be developed in Switzerland.

The output will be a set of 3D drawings in .step or .igs format, which will be the source of the information necessary to manufacture the technical sample.

At this stage, our engineers will check all technical details before validating the 3D design, testing in advance the feasibility and tolerances of each part of the watch.

Step 3

3D rendering

It is not mandatory to carry out this phase in Switzerland, nor it is necessary for the subsequent phases of the project: therefore, this service is only available at customer’s request.

The output of this step is a set of 3D renderings based on the STEP 2 output, which will be provided for each material used.

This step can be skipped if the customer decides to go ahead by choosing to receive the technical resin sample directly.

Step 4

Technical resin sample

The output of this phase is the preparation of the technical resin sample; it is mandatory to make it in Switzerland.

The cost of the resin sample is included in the agreed price of the project development; additional samples can be quoted at customer’s request.

Step 5

Technical metal prototype

In case the customer wanted to receive a case or bracelet sample and/or other steel parts, we can provide them in about 15 days if produced by CNC machines, or within 5 days if produced by sintering.

These prototypes will only be offered at customer’s request, as it is not required by the Swiss law .

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